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Making Your Vape Your Own: Choosing a Box Mod Skin Wrap

A vape is an extension of its owner. Those who love vaping are part of their own club. They like to talk about the new tech in vaping, favorite box designs, and flavor combinations. Conversations between strangers who are both vaping are common. Those who are into it always want to make a mod to their pen or box to make it truly their own.

Its design is what makes a vape the owners. It should reflect their personality and interests. With a box mod skin wrap, the box will showcase a design or look that makes it special to them. Choosing a skin wrap can be a process with so many choices and styles. We offer a great selection of quality skins that a vape owner should feel confident about when purchasing.

Choosing A Design 

We offer designs for everyone who loves vapor clouds over cigarette smoke. You can be rugged, sophisticated, or trendy with our wide assortment of choices. Whether the box belongs to a lover of surface designs or abstract prints we have something for them such as our “Pink Mayan” or “Nacar”. If cartoon charters or Star Wars is important to them we have designs such as “Bart TMNT” and “R.TWO.D.TWO”. We also have modern drip designs, and camo to name a few. These wraps are of the highest quality and showcase our expertly printed designs.

 In addition to the printed designs we offer a range of woods, leathers, and carbon wraps. Each vape has its own set to choose from. These skin wraps are perfect for anyone who want to add a little bit of sophistication to their box.

Wrap Materials

We know that choosing a skin takes a little bit of time. We want to ensure our customers will love their purchases so, we use excellent materials to produce our wraps. Our skins are printed on the best quality wrap vinyls on the market. We only use 3M, Hexis, and Ritrama to print out our sticker designs. These vinyls are a vehicle grade making them extremely durable.

 Since our skins are of the highest quality we want our laminations to be of the same caliber. To seal in your decals design we offer 6 different laminations, unlike anyone in our market. Our laminations (or finishes) will set your skin apart from any other box mod skin wraps. Choose from glitter color shifting, matte flat, glossy shinny, bushed metallic, wood, and carbon fiber. The different laminations also have different levels of texture. The matte, glossy, and glitter have not texture. The brushed metallic has a light texture while, the wood and carbon fiber have a medium texture.

With all of these options, no two vapes will be the same!