Adding a Personal Touch to Your Vape Through a Custom Mod

Personalization sets everything apart. No matter if it’s a favorite mug or a vape. Custom vape mods can showcase a wide range of things from important people in the owner’s life to original artwork. Custom mods add a level of personalization that exceeds choosing a new skin. Choosing one of these vape mods takes the owner’s mod game to a whole new level. It truly makes the vape a special part of the owner’s life. For those that love vaping and showing their style, this is the perfect vehicle for it.

Is it hard to create a custom skin?

No, it is easy to take your own design or picture and turn it into a skin. Those who want a custom skin can take any file (JPG, TIFF, PNG, Ai, PSD, PDF, EPS) and turn it into a vape work of art.  This creates a clear image for the custom mod. If the image is not Vector, its pixels will need to fit a certain criterion. They need to be a maximum of 1200 pixels on either side to ensure a crisp image suitable for printing.

 For those looking to customize their vape, they may choose more than one image to complete the design. Customers may choose up to five images for their custom vape mod production. This means that if someone wants to showcase multiple images of family or friends that they have, they can. It also lets those that have different styles of their art work or designs the ability to use more than just one piece. This gives customers endless possibilities to those looking to add their own touch to their devices.

After Choosing Images

Once a person has chosen their images for their custom vape mod, the order form needs to be filled out. Our custom vape offer is available for box and tube style vapor devices. The customer will need to choose from the drop down the device they are looking to customize.

Next, they will need to upload their selected images. Each file should be under 10MB. If there is only one file, it may be larger than 10MB. If that is the case, the customer will need to send the file once the order is confirmed. If there is any question about file size or quality, it is best to contact us with your questions so that we can assist you further.

Finally, a finish will need to be selected. We offer 6 different finishes for our printed graphics. The finishes also vary in texture. The Matte Flat, Glossy Shiny, and Glitter Color Shifting have no texture. The Brushed Metallic has a light texture and the Wood and Carbon Fiber have a medium texture. It is important to consider which images you are using and how they would look with the finish before completing this step. It is also important to consider the texture when choosing the finish as this is a custom mod.

It is important to note that custom mods cannot be printed on skins like the gator or black mamba skins. All of the designs are printed on 3M Controltac Graphic Film. It is a high quality graphic paper that will ensure the custom skin images look their best. Any specific instructions should also be communicated prior to submitting in the comment box. This ensures that we know how the customer wants their mod to look.

After the Custom Mod Has Been Submitted

Once the order form has been filled out and images have been submitted, we will make your custom design. It may take up to 3 Business Days for the custom skin to be designed, but when it is finished we will send a digital proof. It is important to inspect the digital proof to make sure it is what was envisioned. If there are any questions, please contact us so that we can make any changes to the design. After the proof has been approved, it will take up to 3 Business Days to produce the custom skin. Once it has been produced, we will ship it out and it will be ready to customize the customers vape.